Hirsch Fruit Farm



As a fourth generation farm, we continually look to the future and how we can continue the legacy of sustainability, so that our children and grandchildren will have an opportunity to farm this same land. We use Integrated Pest Management (IPM) systems on all of our tree and small fruit. And grow our vegetables-most of them in covered structures to minimize disease and insect pressure.

De Massimo's



I have been inspired by my nonnas and mom to bring our family sauce recipes to you! Our recipes hail from San Giovanni in Galdo, Molise, Italy and from the Abruzzo region. I have been making sauce and homemade pasta for over 20 years and will continue for many more!

Donnie's Garden Goodies


We grow a wide variety of vegetables and strive to provide a very high quality assortment of healthy fruits and vegetables at a fair market price.

We're All Connected


We're All Connected Jams, Jellies and Butter was born when a family picked fresh pears and peaches from a tree. Delicious jams resulted and a new idea was born. One flavor led to another and loved ones were drawn to be "All Connected" in making many more flavors. The jams and jellies have been successfully sold in local farmers' markets and craft shows in Marysville and Columbus areas as well as shipped all around the United States.

Woolson Concessions


"Kettle Korn" popcorn cooked on-site and fresh squeezed lemonade made with pure distilled water.

Oink Moo Cluck Farms



We raise our animals on our small 100 acre family farm in a healthy and open environment while allowing them each to reach their natural maturity on a diet of natural grains and grasses without the aide of hormones and antibiotics. We complete our own processing to ensure the most human treatment of our animals and to maintain complete control of our quality and safety of the final product.

SaraBee Pure Honey



Sarabee is a small honey farm about 20 hives located in Circleville, Ohio. Our hives are 100% chemical free, and our bottled pure honey comes straight from the hives. Some other products we carry are bee pollen, honey-filled straws, and honey-filled candy.

The Brown and Blond Bakery



I develop, package, and sell grain free/gluten free baking mixes. Currently, I have a dark chocolate brownie mix and a blondie mix. I am also working on bread and pizza dough mixes.

Kennedy Farms



Our farm is solar powered and we have maintained several wildlife easements on the property to contribute to the farm's overall ecological health. Our chickens are free range and fed a non-gmo vegetarian diet. Our bees have beneficial flowers to keep them happy and healthy throughout the year. Our vegetables are only grown using sustainable farming practices.

Moffitt Maple Farm


Moffitt Maple Farm is located near West Liberty, Ohio, and has been producing maple syrup since 1949. While having modernized some of our equipment, we are steeped in tradition and recognize the value of hard work mixed with family and fun.

Rhoads Farms



We have been producing fruits and vegetables for 52 years in Circleville, Ohio. We use IPM and are "GAP" certified on 110 acres. Quality, freshness and food safety are necessary on every crop we bring to market.

The Market Sharpener



The Market Sharpener sharpens knives, kitchen tools, scissors and garden tools. I do not sharpen blades from power tools including lawn mower blades or barber/ stylist shears. Prices range from $4 to $7 for kitchen knives and tools and $5 to $10 for garden tools.